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Macbook Pro - Touch

MacBook Pro - “Touch” takes the worlds most advanced notebook

to the next level. It doubles the screen size, replaces the analog system with

a touch screen, and with millions of apps on the app store simply makes the possibilities endless. Get in touch with your inner pro. © 2010.

Software used: Photoshop

Water Quality Testing Device

Testing water quality in real time during a dive is not an easy task.

When a diver has scuba gear on, and the conditions underwater may include high pressure, low visibility, decreased dexterity, disorientation, and slick surfaces; dragging along another unwieldy device isn’t optimal. My handheld diving sonde concept attempts to combine and condense all the current products into a single manageable and accessible device.

Software used: SolidWorks & Keyshot


Solar Powered Insulated Tactical Shelters (SPITS) is a patent pending

system I designed for an SBIR contract competition from the US Air Force. Requirements asked for a shelter system to house command and control centers, communication equipment, hospitals and personnel quarters that reduced the amount of refueling needed during deployment. My design was aimed to afford modularity, rapid-assembly, energy-efficiency, easy transportability, and quick deployment in harsh environments.

Software used: Google Sketchup Pro

I love the magic of drawing; making marks reflecting my experience

and expressing feelings for form, space, light and movement.

Sketches & Drawings

These works result from my playing with different mediums, forms,

and colors over several years. Though they are based on tempered skill

and techniques, these pieces reflect products of my life influenced by unconscious delights more than reasoned thought. My usual habits begin with general goals and steps planned out, but once I start feeling the rhythm of the material, I generally let my creativity go any way it wants.

Glass, Wood, & Concrete

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Project: Concepts, Art, & Design