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A project management tool for students.

BeginU promotes collaboration in and out of the classroom,

tracks student work and automatically build student resumes.

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Business organizations around the world are turning to project management tools to improve transparency, foster communication, track almost everything, and ultimately streamline their productivity.  BeginU is designed to play a similar role at academic institutions.  Tailored for a young and social network savvy audience, BeginU helps students be more productive and capitalize on their college careers.

      In the fall of 2011, I started this project during an entrepreneurship class at Syracuse University.  The course objective was to identify problems, brainstorm solutions, and assemble groups to accomplish as much as we could during that semester.

     I focused on my classmate's difficulty forming successful teams. Many of them proposed ingenious solutions and engaged in lots of interesting discussion, but when it came time to assemble teams, they had little success.  What was it that prevented these people from successfully creating quality teams?  The question irked me as I observed my classmates struggle to work with


my classmates needed something similar.  As a result, I began designing a project management tool to streamline collaboration and productivity for my class.

     The scope of the project has since grown to offer all college student, professors, and their potential employers a tool to streamline and quantify their college experience. BeginU LLC currently works with Syracuse University and can be found at


(Down for summer maintenance)

each other.  Some had real vision; most had good intentions; many had short bursts of excitement; a few had long term discipline; and fewer had the necessary team building skills.  In short, without trial and error, and a lot of serendipity, there was no way to know if they would make good teams.  The wasted time and missed opportunities bothered me.

     My eureka moment came mid-semester as I was using a freelancing site to earn some extra cash.  By recording my professional activity and sharing it publicly with potential clients, the site was creating a productive environment for me to efficiently work with and  trust people I'd never met. It occurred to me,

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